Elf on the Shelf Ideas…

Elf on the ShelfI am terrible at coming up with Elf on the Shelf Ideas…

I’m always too tired at the end of the day to care where the stupid elf is going to go…

So I thought I’d share a post about our Elf on the Shelf Ideas to make you feel better about yours!

Over-achieving Elf on the Shelf ninja parents…you might want to leave now and start hand carving that working teeter-totter Barbie and Ralph the Elf will be blissfully playing on come morning…this article is not for you…

You’ve got this figured out…love what ya do…wish I could…neither the time nor talent…

Did you throw your Elf randomly last night before bed with the vague hope it would land somewhere new?  Stick around because I did too!

What is Elf on the Shelf you ask?

Elf on the Shelf ideas

Check out this glorified ornament…you’ll be getting to know him well from Thanksgiving to Christmas!

For the uninitiated, the Elf on the Shelf is this little toy you buy for like thirty or forty bucks.  It comes with a book you read to your kid…and a dvd…

Pretty routine story; magic elf, works for Santa, he’s a little spy sent to see if the kids are naughty or nice, your kid gets to name the thing like its some creepy little pet…

But here’s the kicker…

Every night the Elf on the Shelf flies back to the North Pole to report to Santa, then comes back and either:

a. Causes mischief around the house and/or

b Plays hide and seek with your kid EVERY DAY

*Deep breath. Sigh.

See, unbeknownst to your toddler…the Elf on the Shelf (which is an ironic name because he’s never really ON the shelf) is not really magic, can’t really hide nor cause any mischief on his own.

So you know what that means…Mommy and/or Daddy get the task of creating innovative Elf on the Shelf Ideas and moving this little guy around every night for a month!

Awesome…because parents with little kids don’t have enough to do already.

I don’t know about you, but when my toddlers go to sleep, I just want to relax…surf the web, watch some TV, talk on the phone, maybe read a book…

Not stress out where I’m going to hide a toy elf with the off chance of ruining my kids’ childhood memories or causing nightmares…

But..but...Jake is a good guy...how could he do this! My sense of good and evil is irreparably damaged!

But..but…Jake is a good guy…how could he do this!

Then you start looking for Elf on the Shelf ideas and you realize that there are parents out there who apparently went to school to get four-year degrees in Elf on the Shelf Architecture and Interior Design…

I didn't have time to take a bath today and only ate once...when did you have time to do this again?

I didn’t have time to take a bath today and only ate once…when did this parent have time to do this again?  I bet they don’t even have kids and are just trying to make me feel bad in their spare time.

Elf on the Shelf is a constant arms race of one-upmanship that pits you verses all other parents AND yourself…

“Did I beat my best friend’s idea he/she posted online last night…”

“Is this idea better than my Elf on the Shelf idea from last Monday…

“Did I raise the bar…am I stepping up my game…am I ruining Christmas….”

“No, that’s the elf.”

WHAT? who said that?

I’m pretty sure the person that thought up this marketing masterpiece up didn’t really have kids, because if they did they would NEVER have included the requirement to move him every day…

But that’s the rules…and sure as bunnies lay eggs, fairies steal teeth and Santa brings presents..

The Elf’s gotta move…

I proudly present my Christmas Elf on the Shelf Ideas…

Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Idea #1 – The Toothbrush Thief

So I thought this one was awesome.  “Oh look, Clyde the Elf (that’s what our son named ours) decided to use your toothbrush, that crazy elf!”

Elf on the Shelf holding a toothbrush

At least he didn’t take the toilet paper…

Then I forgot Elf on the Shelf Rule #1:  No one is allowed to touch the Elf or you will drain the magic out of him like some kind of energy sucking vampire and he’ll die…er, won’t fly…or whatever awful thing you told your kid so he’d leave the Elf alone for a month…

Well, brother didn’t have another toothbrush, so he didn’t get to brush his teeth that day for fear of murdering our elf…

Elf Life > Tooth Hygiene. Always.

I learned quickly to always think through the consequences of where you put the Elf!

Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Idea #2 – Near the Stove

OK, so this was a great idea you are free to use to save time…

I put Clyde the Elf over to the right of the stove on our counter. Then the next day to the left of the stove!

Elf on the Shelf ideas Either side of the Oven

The way Clyde is looking at that knife is kind of freaking me out…

BOOM.  Two days down, only 28 to go!

I tried to keep this one going, so the third day I put Clyde ON the stove…I was getting into this…feeling a little creativity starting to course through my veins…so I got out a pot and put him in it…

Elf on the Shelf ideas Elf in a pot on the stove


But that just made my kid cry because he thought the Elf was being cooked for dinner…dang it…

Little boy screaming

Something like this…

On second thought…never use the stove idea…bad idea.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Idea #3 – Various Handles

Handles are great places to put the Elf on the Shelf. You can wedge his body into most of them quickly.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas Microwave Handle

Microwave handle.  At least he’s not IN the Microwave…still getting over the stove-pot incident.

Elf on the Shelf in a weedeater handle

Weedeater handle. My worst idea…Or my BEST idea? You decide…

Elf on the Shelf in a coffee pot handle

Coffee pot handle…oh no…no coffee today…I learned NOTHING from the toothbrush day!

This is a great tactic when you forget to move the thing at night and you are walking around with your toddler saying “Elf where are you? Elf where are you?” at six o’clock in the morning helping your kid “figure out where the Elf is hiding”…

Even though you actually have him wadded up in  your hand or stuffed in  your pocket waiting for your kid to look the other way for two seconds…when she does, cram him in a handle and go “Oh there he is!” Works every time.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Idea #4 – Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds have all sorts of cracks and crevasses to stuff your elf into, as well as strings and hooks to hang him on.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas stuck in blinds

Its kinda like he got stuck sneaking back in from the North Pole…

Elf on the Shelf Ideas Elf tied up in window cords

Brother asked how Clyde could breath…magic son…magic.


Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Idea #5 – Copy Other Parents Ideas

Sometimes I just wait until the Elf on the Shelf ninjas post their nightly pics online and copy what they do.  This frees your mind from worrying about “what the elf is going to do tonight.”

Although sometimes it doesn’t always work out as good as the original…

Elf on the Shelf Ribbon on the Door

Original: A Friend of mine did this…awesome…ribbon, door, elf climbing on the  Ribbon…yeah, I got this!

I don’t have any ribbon…but I do have some duct tape…

Oh I give up. At least the wreath looks nice.

Oh I give up.

Bottom line.  Don’t feel so pressured to go crazy with your Elf on the Shelf Ideas.  Just move him around.  Your kids will have fun with it not matter what, and eventually they’ll figure out its not real and we all can move on with our lives.

The Elf on the Shelf is a lot of fun, even though it takes a little work every night.  My kids get up every morning so excited to see where he is hiding or what he has been up to.  And no matter how simple the spot, no matter how bad I screw up the decorations, they always cackle with laughter and joy.

And that always makes it worth the effort!

Although next year…I may tell my kids Clyde got transferred from the spy department back to making toys.

Elf on the shelf ideas

“From Thanksgiving to  Christmas, I’M the king” – Clyde

 Click Here to buy your own Elf on the Shelf!

What are some of your best Elf on the Shelf Ideas?

Leave a reply below!




Elf on the Shelf Ideas… — 16 Comments

  1. I wait for nightly ninjas! Lol next year I think LouElla will wait until the last 10 days of Christmas to make her first appearance!

  2. gunsblazen on said:

    Oh you say that, then as you watch all the ninjas posting their pics of elf engineering you’ll get peer pressured into busting out the elf! lol.

  3. Laugh out loud at your slacker elf. I would be worse which is why that elf has never made an appearance. Merry Christmas!

    • gunsblazen on said:

      haha, It is hilarious lol…the kids love it, but its tough to keep up with it sometimes!

  4. Oh so true! Sometimes our Elf may only move inches, if at all. Luckily my child is fairly easily distracted and some days we can get out the door before she realizes she forgot to find Ellie May! Score!

    • Shane Sams on said:

      LOL, Whenever you forget to move the Elf just tell your kid there was a big storm that grounded all fligths to the North Pole :)

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  6. My adult kids might not appreciate this as much now….would have loved to do this when they were younger. I love how much magic the Christmas season holds for little ones. I’m a geezer but I will have to do this for my husband next year….

  7. Pingback: Bounce House FAIL... | Toddler ApocalypseToddler Apocalypse

  8. elf on the shelf move on there own and you made them lose there magic if you touch it and they are real

  9. Aww this post is kinda sad. Our first elf on a shelf arrived care of my husband who is serving in Afg. It has been a total gift. My son is getting too big for Santa at 10… But this has reinvigorated it. i worl 80 hours a week, w a husband serving overseas.. We don’t have HOURS. We facetime the naughty elf and share the magic w my husband. It took SECONDS for the elf to take a swim in a bowl
    of marshmallows. I think your attitude probably means the Elf thing (and maybe other things??) Are a chore instead of a pleasure.

    • Not at all…we have a blast with it. Like I said at the end of the post, its all good fun and the kids love it! More a comment on how some people are CRAZY good at it and we are not lol. But no matter where you move the little guy its all great fun! Thank you so much for your sacrifice and your husbands service! God bless you guys!

  10. Hahaha I love this. I’m doing this for the first time this year. I fear I’m not so crafty … But I’m gonna try! You duct tape tale made me lmao.

  11. Alaina on said:

    This is so funny. I had no idea what Elf on the Shelf was but kept seeing Facebook posts from my friends who have young children…so I Googled it and stumbled upon your blog. I have a feeling that if I do one day have kids, I’ll be an Elf on the Shelf parent just like you. The duct tape photo is hilarious. LOL Happy holidays!

    • Thanks Alaina, glad you enjoyed it! lol…give it a share on facebook and twitter!

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